What are Medical HCG Weight Loss Injections?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone or HCG as it is commonly known, is currently one of the most successful weight loss programs. The HCG diet results in safe, rapid weight loss ranging from 15-20 pounds a month. With HCG, the areas of unwanted fat or difficult areas appear to be specifically targeted.

HCG typically produces unparalleled weight loss, however Dr. Bissoon believes in a comprehensive approach to the HCG diet. He believes in looking at both short and long-term goals; nutritional needs and lifestyle modification. The end-result being a lifestyle where weight is not an issue.

Is HCG for me?

HCG is a safe and effective way to lose unwanted body fat, however an individual assessment will determine if HCG is medically appropriate for you.

In our office, we often see patients who are not considered to be overweight but have localized fat deposits on their abdomen, saddlebags, back and love handles. Typically, diet and exercise has unsuccessful in eliminating these problem areas. HCG is excellent is addressing these issues.

We have also seen a broad-range of patients who needed to lose 20-30 pounds. Typically, these patients have lost the unwanted weight in 6 weeks with the HCG diet.

Even for those who need to lose 50 pounds or more, HCG is an excellent option.

HCG Injections vs. Drops

HCG drops have gotten quite popular over the internet and in vitamin stores. Most physicians see this as some sort of scam to take advantage of patients who are interested in using HCG for weight loss. Just do a Google search for HCG and a large amount of information is really vendors trying to peddle homeopathic HCG drops. With this in mind it is necessary to look at the HCG molecule and how it works.

HCG is composed of 2 very large proteins. There is an alpha and a beta unit. To help understand the significance of this lets create the following analogy; think of sodium as being the size of dime and HCG as being the size of a dining room table. Sodium can be absorbed via the tongue because it is really small when compared to HCG.  Using HCG drops makes it impossible for it to get absorbed directly through the tongue. Since it is impossible to be absorbed, then you will eventually have to swallow it. Swallowing any protein molecule will result in the protein being digested in the stomach and being broken into the individual building blocks of amino acids. Once the amino acids enter the intestine and they are not reassembled as HCG, they are absorbed as individual amino acids and the body then will use the amino acids where it is needed. It will not be reassembled into HCG. Thus, taking HCG drops should not logically work.

Yet there are people who will swear it works and then there are those who have felt betrayed because they did not obtain the results they had hoped for. Dr. Bissoon always cautions his patients that if they took a pregnancy test while on HCG the test will be positive despite the fact they may not be pregnant. This is one way of determining if you are getting real HCG. The interesting thing about the oral HCG drops is that they claim you will not get a positive pregnancy test. This really indicates that is really no HCG in the homeopathic drops or the HCG is not getting absorbed.

Famous TV talk show host Dr. Mehmet Oz hosted an entire show on the HCG diet. On this program he recommends prospective patients to seek the supervision of a physician and stay away from “homeopathic HCG.” He advised his audience that he could not recommend Homeopathic HCG because homeopathic remedies are unregulated and as such he did not know what was in the preparation.

With injectable HCG we know we are injecting a biologically active molecule directly into the body and it is not being subjected to the digestive juices of the stomach. We can do a pregnancy test and it will confirm you have received HCG. Dr. Bissoon’s opinion is in agreement with that of Dr. Oz, in that if you are considering the HCG diet, then you should really use HCG under the supervision of a physician and use injectable HCG.

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